Wednesday, March 7, 2018

6 Reasons Why Creative Book Classroom Is Useful In Your Classroom

1. Track Book Writing Progress

When students start writing book, how do teachers know their progress in real time ? There are 4 statuses to keep track of progress: Started, Submitted, In Review & Reviewed. Teachers can check to see if the students have read task description and submitted book in one screen.

2. Highlight Text & Add Notes

By using iBooks, teachers can highlight text and add notes but teachers cannot export notes to their students for reviewing. CBC allows teachers to do these and lets students review the notes.

3. Collect Book Submission Effortlessly

It is painful for teachers to collect book submission. Students may upload books to somewhere. Teachers download books to iPad and bring them to iBooks to read one by one. It is time consuming. By using CBC, students just upload books and then teachers can view books effortlessly.

4. View Book Directly

There are many learning management platform, but none of them support viewing EPUB within the app or browsers. Teacher can preview EPUB within CBC app directly.

5. Better Task Management

Teachers manage session into different tasks. It is similar to to-do list that helps students present their idea under clear and simple instruction.

6. Better Version Control

When the books are reviewed by teachers, students upload new books and the last reviewed books are kept so that teachers and students can check notes and comments for reviewed books at any time.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Creative Book Classroom: Progress Tracking & Review

Creative Book Classroom is a new way for teachers to keep track of progress, give quick review, grade and comment for books written by students. This is extremely useful in classroom, teachers can help students writing books better on any subjects.

Creative Book Classroom (CBC) redefines book writing cycle: Write, Submit, Review, Feedback.

Teachers can create session according to lesson. Each session contains different tasks. More and smaller tasks make writing cycle faster. Each task contains detailed description. Students can read task description and then write book by using any book writing app.

For those who are using Creative Book Builder (CBB) app, students just login with Google account or email, join session by code and complete tasks within CBB app because CBB integrates tightly with CBC.

When students finish tasks, they can submit book for each tasks by exporting books to EPUB or PDF format.

Teachers can view progress update by task and by user for each session in real time. Teachers can highlight text and add notes on EPUB, and also give their comments. Teachers can view grade and status reports and export reports to CSV format.

Students can review their own progress and view feedback from teachers as well. Students can update their books and teachers can review them again. This cycle can be iterated over many times.

Creative Book Builder v4.3

New features:

1. Import or download files to resources library directly

2. Integrate with Creative Book Classroom

3. Optimized for iOS 11

4. Optimized for iPhone X

Monday, November 20, 2017

Missing Books Issues

If you found the books are missing suddenly, database file may be corrupted.

Please send database file to support via email.

Please follow the steps to get database file:
1. Plug the device into PC / Mac
2. Use iTunes to connect to the device
3. Select "Apps"
4. Go to "File Sharing"
5. Select "Creative Book Builder"
6. Find and select the file "CreativeBookBuilderDB.sqlite"
7. Tap "Save to.."

We will try to recover data.

We will delete database file after fixing the issues.

If you have full backup on iTunes recently, you can also try to restore from it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Humbly - Anonymous Messaging for Classroom

Humbly is a new way for students to learn through effective conversation, involve lessons responsively, and give honest feedback by using anonymous messaging.

Humbly allows teachers to create channels for different lessons, topics, subjects, projects, interest groups and events, etc. The students can join channels to ask or reply questions anonymously without hesitation because they do not identify each other. This is extremely useful in classroom when some students are not willing to respond to teachers in front of others and teachers can also get more feedback as well.

* Students cannot see message sender’s name except teacher.
* Students can join channel by using channel code or QR code.
* Teacher can see all message sender’s name.
* Teacher is only administrator of the channel.
* Channel can be accessed within a period of time or date so that teachers can monitor channel at the convenient time.
* Teacher can approve, block and delete any participants in the channels.
* Teacher can import students from Google Classroom.

App Store:

Google Play Store:

Humbly for iOS Demo

Humbly for Android Demo

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Creative Book Builder for Mac v1.4

New features:

1. Create fixed layout book with customized page size

2. Navigate whole book while recording audio

3. Bug fix