Saturday, November 19, 2016

No More Missing Books

You may have created a lot of books on Creative Book Builder app. Previously, if you delete the books accidentally, the books cannot be recovered unless you have backups on google drive or dropbox.

Sometimes, you would like to edit books on both iPad and iPhone at the same time. Previously, you need to export book from one device and import book into another device manually.

From version 3.7, we have a better solution: iCloud Synchronization & Deleted Books:

1. If you have signed in to iCloud on the device, you can create new book by turning on Synchronized with iCloud. You can edit the synchronized books on every device that you have signed in to iCloud using the same account. (iCloud Drive is a different thing)

2. In order to avoid the heavy network traffic, all synchronized book will be updated to iCloud only when new version is being generated. Make sure that you have generated book by tapping Generate Book or Re-generate Book.

3. Synchronization with iCloud can be turned on or off in Publish Book interface. Turning off synchronization with iCloud will delete the book from iCloud.

4. When you delete books in Device section, those books are moved to Deleted Books first. You can tap the title on top navigation bar and select delete icon to view the deleted books. You can delete books permanently, restore books or even empty Deleted Books.

5. When you delete books in Cloud section, you can choose to delete books everywhere or or from iCloud only. When synchronization happens in other device, the books that deleted from iCloud will be moved to Deleted Books.

6. No books are deleted permanently during iCloud Synchronization. All books that are deleted from iCloud will appear in Deleted Books.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Creative Book Builder v3.7

New features:

1. Quick add multiple footnotes at one time

2. Quick add multiple glossary items at one time

3. Synchronize books with iCloud

4. Deleted books can be restored until the books are deleted permanently

5. Import multiple HTML5 book zip files

6. Keep cover image's structure when exporting and importing EPUB

7. Support more fonts

8. Bug fix

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Add more fun to your books

Creative Book Builder supports book widgets that make your book more fun.

Creative Widget Builder (CWB) is a powerful book widget generation tool. CWB adds 5 more widgets to new version. Now CWB contains 15 types of widgets.

Here are some examples of new widgets:


Wikipedia Article

Pair Matching

Guess The Word

Arithmetic Question

Here is the full list of widgets:

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Image Editor

Creative Book Builder now integrates with new version of image editor supported by Adobe Creative Cloud.

More effects, frames, stickers, and overlays can be downloaded within the app for free.

More detail is here.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Creative Book Builder v3.6

New features:

1. Upload HTML5 book to FTP Server for hosting purpose

2. Move and copy group

3. Support external widgets for Fixed Layout Books

4. View trash of books in one interface

5. Upload & batch upload books to Box

6. Insert subscript and superscript

7. Convert Table To Rich Table

8. Convert List To Rich Table

9. New version of image editor

10. UI enhancement for photo picker

11. UI enhancement of resource library

12. Bug fix

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Add interactive video widgets to your books

Embedded video in book can help us understand the content better. If people can interact with video, it brings more fun. How can we enrich the video ?

Creative Widget Builder v1.1 supports video related widgets: Video Slide, Video Question and Video Playlist.

Video Slide
When you record lesson in class, the presentation slide is not usually viewed clearly in video. Video slide widget can make video and presentation slide display side by side. Slide will be triggered at the proper time.

Here is the demo:

Video Question
Do you want to challenge others when they are watching your video? Video Question can insert multiple choice question at different time. Video will be stopped when question is about to display. After answering the question, video will be resumed.

Here is the demo:

Video Playlist
You can group a series of videos into one widget using Video Playlist. People can select video in the playlist.

Here is the demo:

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Creative Book Builder v3.5

New features:

1. Share photos, video, audio or text from other apps into CBB using Share Extension

2. Fix the problem of external keyboard

3. Support iOS 9 multi-tasking (Split view and slide over)

4. Bug fix